There Is A Way To Slay The Nightmare

When it comes to pharmaceuticals and depression, there’s more to it than hopping onto the antidepressant bandwagon. Did you know that some of the antidepressants out there can kill you if taken with the wrong foods?

Or that there is a proven alternative therapy for those who don’t do well with drugs or who are potential suicide victims?

Depression has many faces. And it affects people you’d never suspect. You may be surprised to find out who. We’ll spill the beans.

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Slay the Nightmare

The best of us fall too!

There is one more myth that we had not previously covered that was intentionally left out for this section. “If you are poor, you are always depressed, and if you are rich and famous, you are famous with a heavy bank balance, what problems could you have?” As much as people would like to buy into this myth, history, literature and show-business have proved them wrong over and over again. Let’s touch upon a few examples.

1. Chester Bennington

This is one of the most recent and tragic examples of highly successful celebrities taking their lives due to depression. Chester, the lead singer of the record-breaking rock band, Linkin Park, recently took his own life. The incident became well publicized on and off social media. Millions of people were paying their respects and tributes to their fallen rock idol. What most of the world failed to see or understand was the backstory of the rock star.

Chester fought depression and constant drug abuse that lead up to his demise.


2. Kurt Cobain

Sticking to the theme of rock, here is yet another revolutionary from the rock world that tragically took his own life. The reason – he lost the battle with his inner demons and depression. Many would claim that they saw this coming with the kind of music his band, Nirvana, was producing. The lyrics and the music of the songs Kurt wrote mostly revolved around the battle with demons, both inner and external, like society, politics etc. Imagine what  the world of rock and roll would be like if Kurt had only reached out for help.


3. Robin Williams

He is the legend who filled our hearts with joy in his lifetime and left the same audience with disbelief and tears. The Oscar winning actor and comedian’s suicide was a shock to many people who knew little about his private life. It was not generally known that he suffered from manic depression all through his life and it was believed to have stemmed from bi-polar disorder. Who would have guessed it?

While there are a lot more people who are famous and who have suffered from depression, here are a few more names that left a mark during their lifetimes and also a warning on what depression can do to you, irrespective of who you are! – Alexander McQueen, Ernest Hemingway, Hunter S. Thompson, Heath Ledger, Chris Benoit, etc.

As you can clearly see, depression isn’t about where you come from or what kind of background you have. It’s not about being rich or poor. It’s about becoming victim to a disease that is serious and that needs treatment.