The Scary Link Between Chronic Stress, Your Body and Your Mind

Chronic stress is no joke. And unfortunately, it’s becoming a way of life for many. A way of life that can have dire consequences if left unchecked for prolonged periods of time.

Starting to see the dreaded belly fat? Yes, that too can be caused by chronic stress. We’ll tell you why so you can start to get a handle on it.

Or maybe your sex life isn’t what it used to be and you just don’t know why? We’ll explain how far stress can go in affecting that. It’s much more than you think.

And maybe you’re seeing yourself react in ways you’ve never done before and have no idea where it’s coming from? We’ll talk about that too.

You’ll learn all that and more.

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Discover what can happen when Chronic Stress goes unchecked in your life.


The Body

We all know stress can affect how we feel and react.

And that excessive stress can have negative impacts for the body, even though the exact response can differ from person to person.

Some of us are under the impression that there are people out there who look like they can just “handle” it. And on the surface, that may seem to be true.

Regardless, even someone who looks like they respond well under high stress will be subject to the ill effects of prlonged stress. These may include one or all of the following:

  • Decreased immunity as cortisol has a suppressing effect on the immune system
  • Adverse effects on blood pressure as the blood vessels fail to relax in a timely manner
  • Emotional disorders such as increased aggression, depression and anxiety
  • Changes to appetite; usually leading to binge eating and weight gain
  • Decreased libido and male sexual dysfunction

Stress Eating