How To Battle Your Worst Depression

Dealing with depression seems like an uphill battle. But there are things you can do to help yourself without having to rely on someone else or the latest drug.

We’re going to share 5 proven methods almost anyone can do. They’re simple, easy and have shown to have dramatic results in dealing with depression, especially when used together.

We’re going to share all that with you and more.

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How To Battle Your Worst Depression 

Understandably, when you or your loved ones go through depression, it becomes hard to muster that extra bit of energy to look after yourself. Taking an active role in your improvement and taking steps to help you cope with the battle of depression goes a long way in slaying depression. Here are a few things you can try along with the advice of the medical professionals.

  • Practice caring for yourself
  • Keep yourself active
  • Look after the way you look
  • Pose a challenge to your low mood
  • Connect with people


Practice caring for yourself

Figure out what works for you. Make a list of activities, places and people that spark the feel good emotion in you. Make another list of your day-to-day activities. It is going to be difficult to include all the things that make you happy in the list, but find ways to incorporate the happy things, people and places in your day-to- day activities. For example, you might enjoy playing the guitar or watching a movie. Try to take some time out and ensure you play your guitar at least once a day.