8 Drug-Free Ways To Beat Anxiety Naturally

If you’re suffering from anxiety the last thing you need is to start stressing out about the side-effects of all the anti-anxiety meds that are out there.

And you’re tired of freaking out over the little everyday things that go on in your life just because you’re alive; but you feel stuck because you don’t know what else is safe that can help you.

Did you know there are proven natural ways to control anxiety without having to resort to drugs with dangerous and unpredictable side-effects?

There are several of these alternative therapies, many of which have been used safely and effectively for centuries.

So how do you know which ones to use and how to safely take them?

We did all the work and found that out for you! It’s all right here in this special report.

Discover how to treat anxiety naturally without addictive drugs.


Anxiety disorders are the most common forms of mental illness in the United States.18% of the population or 40 million adults have some type of anxiety disorder. Additionally, many suffer from phobias that can cause anxiety, as well as bouts of anxious feelings that occur from reasons other than a specific type of disorder.

Anxiety whether from a specific disorder or otherwise is highly treatable, and options include, medication, therapy, and various complementary alternative therapies.

Too many people are resorting to addictive anxiety-reducing medications to control anxiety. Besides being highly addictive, these medications can make it dangerous to operate automobiles or machinery while using them because they act as sedatives. These mood-altering chemicals are not typically intended for long-term use, and many become physically dependent on them and are unable to stop their use.

Alternative Therapies for Anxiety

There are natural ways to control anxiety using alternative therapies, many of which have been in use for centuries in parts of the world where anxiety medications just aren’t used or prior to their development.

Method One: Herbal Remedies

Some of the anxiety-calming therapies that have been shown to reduce the feelings of anxiousness that people experience includes herbal remedies. Some herbal remedies for anxiety are as follows:

  • Lavender
  • This essential oil can be rubbed into the skin near the collarbone. The scent can waft up to reach your nose and calm your brain within minutes. Research studies have shown that people who inhale the scent from lavender oil tolerate the anxiety of invasive medical procedures much better than people who didn’t inhale the lavender. Remember that any kind of essential oil is potent so don’t forget to consult with your primary physician before trying it out on your anxiety.