7 Ways To Cope With Chronic Stress

Discover 7 ways to cope with chronic stress naturally.


The National Institutes of Health defines stress as how the brain and body respond to any demands. It is most important to learn to manage stress in healthy ways.


Number One: Positive Thinking

Is your glass half-full or half empty? As it turns out your proclivity for optimism or pessimism might just be having an impact on your quality of life. Optimists are far more efficient in dealing with life’s stressful situations, which reduces how stress affects them.


Number Two: Manage Your Emotional Response

It’s impossible to eliminate every stressor in your life, but what you can do is develop positive coping strategies. It’s all about managing your response to the stress you experience, rather than trying to micromanage the stress that you experience.

Number Three: Time Management

A key skill in managing stress is managing time, this means prioritizing your schedule and responsibilities, using your time wisely and making sure there is time for rest and relaxation.


Number Four: Work-Life Balance